Ginger Citrus Trifle with Honey Yogurt Cream


“Missouri Ann ate her bit of orange slowly.  “Tastes like summer,” she said.” Sandra Dallas

In the heart of winter, this colorful trifle will awaken your palate with its bright citrus flavors and the bite of ginger.  As far as trifles go, this one is pretty healthy. The creamy layers are made with Greek yogurt and mascarpone cheese, flavored with orange zest and sweetened with a mere soupçon of honey.  The ladyfingers are dipped in the juice of the fruit.  Ginger adds a nice spicy contrast to the citrus while boasting great anti inflammatory properties.  It is a stunningly beautiful dessert that is good for you too.  I served it at a brunch where it received rave reviews.  Dig in!

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