Cheesy Italian Baked Beans with Spinach


Traditional Italian ingredients such as onions, garlic, tomato, parmesan and rosemary transforms traditional baked beans into an exciting side dish or a vegetarian main.  Parmesan is mixed into the beans themselves and in an ooey-gooey-good gratin layer on top, making this dish decadently cheesy.  The rosemary prominently shines through.  Reduce the quantity for more subtlety.  The fire roasted tomatoes add some kick, as does the red pepper flakes.  And unlike traditional baked beans, these have no sugar added. At a recent potluck gathering of an international group where the food was abundant and fabulous, someone asked out loud who had made the baked beans.  I sheepishly revealed myself and was singled out for rave reviews.  Who knew such a simple dish, mostly from pantry staples, transformed into a bold comforting dish would be such a hit?  Left overs are good on toast with an egg on top for breakfast.  Hope you’ll give this dish a try.

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