Tartine de radis au feta et aux fines herbes~Open Face Radish and Herb Feta Sandwich


“What do I know about man’s destiny?  I could tell you more about radishes.” Samuel Beckett

There is nothing like the first harvest of garden radishes to herald summer.  Although I don’t grow them myself, my neighbor Marty, a gifted organic gardener does and he generously shares the bounty of his impressive garden. image Today, I came home with rosy, plump French radishes, pulled right out of the dirt!  imageRadishes are best eaten raw without fuss, to let their crisp, peppery flavor shine through.  In France they are enjoyed with a smear of butter and a sprinkling of fleur de sel, with or without bread.  They are often featured on an open faced tartine over some fromage blanc.


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