Wintry Mix: Citrus Avocado Salad


Wake up your taste buds! This invigorating salad will bring a burst of bright crisp flavors and some  brilliant colors in your winter repertoire.  Its sweet~tart grapefruit contrasts beautifully with the creamy butteryness of the avocado. The grapefruit gets a little advanced special treatment:  it is jazzed up with a sprinkle of cayenne, crushed rosemary and raw sugar, just enough to add a bit of spice and surprise for your winter taste buds.  Use whatever oranges are at peak.  I combined blood oranges and navels for gorgeous layering of colors and sizes. Can’t have grapefruit?  Substitute oranges.  The citrus is layered over salad greens.  I was excited to find a new-to-me red heirloom spinach that I introduced in this salad.  It is a very tender spinach grown from wild seed, originating in Europe.  It grows in clusters on tender stems in a striking puplish-red hue.  I found it more tender, smaller leaved and a bit earthier in taste than regular spinach.  To make this salad into a meal you could add some grilled shrimp or boneless chicken.  In the dead of winter, nothing perks up a palate better than a colorful salad.  Enjoy!

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