Falling for Cookies!


“Ah, September!  You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul…but I must confess that I love you because you are a prelude to my beloved October.” Peggy Toney Horton

In the small town where I grew up, I could walk to elementary school and back by myself.  I would even come home for lunch every day.   One of my fondest memories is picking up the pace to get home even faster when I would smell my mom’s molasses cookies permeating the crisp air.  Even though the school was a few blocks away, I could recognize that enticing aroma and knew my mom and the cookies would be waiting for me as soon as I got home.   It was the greatest feeling in the world.  Every fall, when the temperatures start dipping,  I get in the mood for baking cookies.  Here is a half dozen of great fall cookies sure to fill your home with irresitible aromas for creating happy memories for a loved one of your own and to herald in autumn.

(My childhood molasses cookie recipe is found in the monogrammed gingerbread recipe below.  My mom would cut the dough in round shapes.  Using a smaller cutter, she  would remove the center of half the cookies, creating a window similar to that of Linzer cookies.  She would sandwich a bit of her homemade raspberry jam between two soft, perfectly spiced gingerbread-molasses cookies with the jam oozing out of the peekaboo cut out of the top cookie. Pure bliss!)

Spiced Chocolate Cut Outs

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12 Days of Christmas with 12 Favorite Cookies


“Baking cookies is comforting, and cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food. They are very bite-sized and personal.”  Sandra Lee

Holiday cookie baking is a labor of love for me. Truth be known,  I am just more of a cook than a baker.  These cookie recipes are tried and true favorites of this reluctant baker. I hope you’ll find a recipe or two to try yourself.  To access the recipe, please click on the highlighted titles. Crank up the Christmas carols, roll up your sleeves and get your holiday baking on!

Cranberry~Almond Sugar Ccokies with Double Chocolate Drizzle

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Spiced Chocolate Maple Leaf Cookies



When I started blogging, my friend Lynne gave me a handmade cookie cutter in the shape of a maple leaf to celebrate the blog and my Canadian heritage.  I have been waiting for fall to create something with the cookie cutter.  When walking recently in the beautiful Chanticleer gardens near home, I was wishfully admiring the lotus seed pods in the pond.  I was told  the way to the seed pods was through the gardener’s sweet tooth!  So you know who got a basket of these cookies!  Fall themed cookies, perfect for a plantsman and for care packages to my college sons! Continue reading