Southwestern Shepherd Pie with Mashed Cauliflower Top


When winter storms are in the forecast, crowds make bee lines to the supermarkets to stock up on provisions.  Instead I like to go pantry and freezer diving  and get creative in the kitchen while cleaning out the cupboards.  This Southwestern Shepherd’s pie was one of those delicious creations when our area was recently hit with a blizzard dumping 28 inches of snow on us.  It was so good I made it a second time a week later.  I used lean ground pork but you could use ground turkey.  The cauliflower mash was a revelation:  creamy with a fabulous texture that allowed me to pile it up as high as the snow banks!  So good it would convert any mashed potato lover to this healthier alternative.  Mine was mashed with sweet potato to bring out  Southwestern flavors but it could be made entirely with cauliflower. Being stranded in a blizzard never tasted so good!

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