North African Meatballs in Saffron Broth


When I conjure North African cooking, I immediately dream of fragrantly spiced dishes and the bustling spice markets of Marrakesh that inspire them.  This NY Times recipe for aromatic meatballs in a vibrant saffron broth capture the exotic flavor combinations of this interesting cuisine. It is a compilation of several recipes for the popular “boulettes” found throughout restaurant menus in France.   What struck me about these boulettes was their texture  which was very moist with complex layers of flavor coming from the herbs and spices.  Although the ingredient llist may seem daunting, it really is just a matter of making the spice combination once.  You will want to wrap your tastebuds around these flavorful meatballs and their gorgeous saffron sauce over a fluffy couscous that lets the exotic flavors shine through.  The sauce is more of a broth and is best served with the absorbent couscous.  The flavors meld best overnight so this is a recipe that is great eaten the next day.


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