Warm Roasted Tomato and Israeli Couscous Salad


As winter sets in, are you dreaming of summer’s sweet juicy tomatoes? Roasting the tomatoes available during winter concentrates their sweetness, enhances their juiciness and is a sure fire way to coax a bit more of that summer taste.  Plan ahead as the tomatoes are slow roasted for 2 hours at low temperature in the oven.  A surprising addition of fennel and cumin seeds to the tomatoes add a big dose of flavor.  Israeli couscous gives the salad a nice texture and its nuttiness is enhanced by flash-frying  it first to a golden color before boiling it.  The salad comes together with a mess of arugula and a simple vinaigrette.  This recipe comes to me from my niece Vanessa, a gifted cook, who spoiled me with a fantastic dinner during a recent visit to her home in Tampa, Florida.  It is originally from the acclaimed LCBO magazine of Ontario, Canada’s Liquor Board. The salad makes a delicious side to grilled fish or chicken. It’s a little bit of summer in every bite, even in cold January!


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