Torta di Riso: Risotto as Dessert


“In every human being there is the artist, and whatever his activity, he has an equal chance with any to express the result of his growth and his contact with life. I don’t believe any real artist cares whether what he does is ‘art’ or not. Who, after all, knows what art is?”
― Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

We were discussing Robert Henri’s classic “The Art Spirit”.  The dynamic leader of the art book club at my library opened the discussion by asking: “What is art?  Who is an artist? ”  She had brought dessert to sweeten an animated discussion.  The cake was round in shape, perfectly golden and dusted simply with powdered sugar.   Unassuming in appearance.   But after the first bite, I was swooning.  What is in this?  What is this?  It’s sooo good!   “Torta di Riso”, answered Victoria.  La dolce vita,  I thought.  As inspiring as the art on display.  Clearly this was a woman who knows her way around a kitchen as well as around a museum!  To understand what Torta di Riso is, imagine a  not-too-sweet risotto suspended in a pillowy custardy base.  Or rice pudding in a cake.  A classic comfort food, turned into dessert.  I call it a masterpiece and its baker, an artist!

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