Crockpot Moroccan Chicken Thighs


It’s not every day that someone destined to become famous asks you to collaborate on her first book.  Let me explain:  could my desk top be used to download the images of the illustrations going into her first children’s book?  Of course, and I’ll lmake dinner.  Teeny tiny contribution but hey, famous-people-to-be have to eat too, especially if they hold down a demanding 60 plus hours a week real job while writing and illustrating a whole book on the side!   So it was, on a weeknight, that I prepared this dish for my super talented friend Ann.  The book was inspired by Ann’s safari trip to Africa and stars a darling zebra named Charlie.  An African-inspired nourishing dinner it had to be!  And one that could sit until whenever  the guest of honor  would show up.  So was born this savoury Moroccan Chicken Thigh dinner with all the flavors of a tagine and the ease of a crockpot.  Fast and easy for a weeknight but good enough to serve to the special guests in your life.

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