Using Fresh Flowers in Food Presentation


“I’m into very colorful food obviously, lots of flavor but I think we eat with our eyes first, so it has to look great.  The presentation has to be great.”  Giada DeLaurentiis

When I entertain, I often turn to the garden to enhance the presentation of foods served.  I like to pair seasonal foods with florals also seasonally growing in the garden. I walk outside and just snip some flowers to add interest to a dish.  Most flowers will hold up without water long enough for this star role.  The elegance and simplicity of a bloom, leaf or berry cluster will add beauty to any dish and elevate it to art.  It enhances the visual appeal of a dish before it has even been tasted, engaging another one of our senses. Research has shown that when we find food more appealing visually, not only do we enjoy it more, we absorb more nutrients! Continue reading