Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad with Pistachio Pesto


This pasta salad is a great dish to add to a summer buffet table for a party or a picnic.  Bursting with loads of roasted veggies, the pasta is tossed in pistachio pesto then topped with fresh basil, chives and parmesan.  The blistered cherry tomatoes explode with juicy sweetness.   The pesto can be made in advance which is really nice.   Short of time? You can totally use regular bottled pesto.  Change it up with your own favorite veggie mix. No matter what veggies you choose,  I would recommend keeping the cherry tomatoes in.  Without a drop of mayonnaise, this salad will hold up well.   So good you will hope there are leftovers to bring home! It can also totally be served as a main dish.  Enjoy!

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