Brussel Sprouts, Fava Bean and Leek Risotto with Planked Salmon




When I stumbled upon this recipe from the fabulous blogger on Kitschnflavours I had to make it for my brussel-sprout-loving husband who also works in the rice industry.    A match made in heaven!  Please click on the link for Johnny Hepburn’s delicious recipe:

Because my husband also loves fava beans, I made some substitutions to the original recipe.   I started the risotto by sautéing 4 oz of diced pancetta, swaped fava beans for the broad beans, used shreaded brussel sprouts and finished the risotto with the zest and juice of a lemon.  So delicious we made it twice in one week! The first time we had it alone as a meal and it was substantial and satisfying with complex flavours.  The second time we served planked salmon over the risotto.   I will write about planked salmon in another posting.

With fava beans coming into season soon, this is a lovely spring dish to add to your repertoire.  A very unique risotto that commanded rave reviews.  Enjoy!