Overnight Kale and Prosciutto Breakfast Bread Pudding


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  Lewis Carroll

Every savvy hostess needs an overnight egg casserole dish that she can stick in the oven and have ready to serve a breakfast crowd with no hands on time.  This make-ahead savory casserole has it all:  salty hit from the prosciutto enveloped in a puffed up cheesy bread base, nice colors and tons of healthy  kale with aromatic rosemary and shallots for spicing it up just right.  I made it a month ahead, froze it, thawed it overnight in the refrigerator then baked it to golden perfection in 45 minutes.  Easy clean up and the dish just needed a side  salad to make it a complete meal. Ours was served with a simple fresh tomato and basil side salad.

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