Chunky Cream of Mushroom Soup


“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.” Marlene Dietrich

This chunky cream of mushroom soup has superpowers.  We all know how good mushrooms are for our health and this soup packs 16 ounces of fungi and boasts 2 cups of carrots too.  It is flavored with a whopping 5 bay leaves.  It is thick and creamy, but made with milk not cream.   As far as cream of mushroom soups go, this one is outstanding.  But the superpowers I am talking about have nothing to do with the nutritional goodness of the soup and everything to do with its secret ingredient: love.  Over the years, It has nourished me back to health after surgery and comforted me while nursing a cold.   It recently made everything right in the world again as stressful construction in our home dragged on into a second month.  A dear friend knows how much I love this soup and it miraculously shows up at my doorstep just when I need it most, enveloping me with the warmest hug in the whole world.  I have made the soup myself and it was excellent.  But my favorite version is Dona’s special batch, made with love, everytime.

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