Brown Butter Nutella Cookies


“You can be miserable before eating a cookie.  You can be miserable after eating a cookie.  But you cannot be miserable while eating a cookie.  Ina Garten

These cookies should be outlawed.  As if they weren’t decadent enough with the inclusion of triple chocolate chips,  they are stuffed with Nutella!  Swoon.  My first introduction to them came from my Canadian friend Christine who brought them to a bookclub meeting.  One bite and everyone was moaning with pleasure and asking what was in those cookies.  Christine revealed the secret ingredient, Nutella in the center, making these cookies soft and fudgy.  We made joining the bookclub conditional on Christine sharing the recipe.  Upon making them myself, I noted a second secret ingredient that really elevates these cookies into a stratosphere of their own:  brown butter.  I think melting the butter first until it foams and gets good and brown adds another distinctive layor of flavor.  I think these might be the best cookies on the entire planet.  Guess who the newest member of our bookclub is?

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