Mosaïc Birdbath Project


In my garden I have several birdbaths to attract feathery friends.  One is a concrete classic pedestal birdbath.  Another is a low-to-the ground copper birdbath I was told robbins would enjoy.  Yet another is a glass vessel intended for small birds.  None, however, attracts birds quite like the mosaïc birdbath I made myself from broken shards of china set onto a terra cotta saucer.


This birdbath is several years old. The grout has not eroded from being immersed continuously in water. The birdbath is emptied and stored in a garden shed for the winter months to prevent the terra cotta and grout from cracking in freezing temperatures.  Note how I placed the smooth outer edge of the broken plates along the top of the birdbath to avoid sharp edges.  Even filled to the brim with water, the mosaïc pattern is still fully visible.

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