From Supermarket to Wow: A Modern Rose Arrangement



Shopping for flowers the week after Valentine’s Day might not have been the best decision.  I set out to find a big bunch of tulips to fill the Alice Goldsmith ceramic pitcher I had coveted and which my own true love had surprised me with.  The tulips were picked over.  The roses too.  Then I spotted them~these dusty lavender and green roses that everyone else had left behind.  “Perfect for Halloween,” said one woman.  “Could I use them for funeral luncheon arrangements?” queried another.  “Weird,” pronounced another. I had never entertained so much conversation in front of supermarket flowers.  But those roses made my heart skip a beat.  They were modern in a charming old fashioned way with their faded coloration. They reminded me of roses ones sees in fashionable Paris florists’ ateliers.  Of course I brought 2 dozen home. Continue reading