“I like tomato,  you like to-mah-to.  Let’s call the whole thing off.” George Gershwin

imageAnd I say whatever you call ’em, enjoy tomatoes as often as you can while they’re in season. Nothing compares in taste as the sun ripened juicy orbs we enjoy at this time of year!  I seriously eat  tomatoes every single day they are in season and never tire of simple sliced tomatoes with salt, pepper and shredded basil.  If your’re looking  to make the most of the season’s bounty, here are my top 12 most popular tomato recipes.( You can access the recipe by clicking on the highlighted titles). Substitute fresh tomatoes in all recipes and seek heirloom varieties when you can as they are often sweeter than the hybrids more commonly grown.  Heirlooms have firmer flesh and their sweetness bumps up the essence of tomatoey goodness.  Wishing you plenty of vine ripened tomatoes as summer wanes.  Enjoy often! Continue reading

Mediterranean Breakfast Bread Pudding


Get ready for some beauty sleep!  Everyone needs the perfect overnight egg dish that lets you sleep in on a morning when you are entertaining and makes it look as if you have been up for hours slaving away in the kitchen. This one-dirty-dish, overnight bread pudding, is that dream recipe. The filling can be cooked ahead as much as 3 days and the bread pudding assembled the night before.  The ingredients can be tweaked to what you have on hand if the proportions are maintained. Come morning, the whole thing goes into the oven and  45 minutes later, while you enjoy a cup of coffee with your morning paper, you have a cheesy aromatic meal that will wake up every last sleepy head.

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