Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas


“Gratitute unlocks the fullness of life.”  Melody Beattie

Thanksgiving tables are fun to set with all the rich colors of fall and the theme of abundance.  Every year my tables vary with how many people I am hosting.  In this post, I’ll share several ideas for setting your holiday table.

This year I’ve played around with white and gold as a color theme, simply elegant.  Off-white woven placemats were set on a bare table with an off-white and gold runner, repurposed from Christmas.  A beautiful pashmina scarf or a length of fabric you love can stand in as a runner.  I came up with 2 variations of this basic table setting.  In both, I tied a gold organza ribbon around off-white napkins embroidered with gold Fleur-de-Lys.  The Fleur-de-Lys are a nod to my family’s French ancestry.  I added a gold leaf ornaments with a tiny gold acorn on each.  The ornaments can be given to the guests as a favor.   A gold charger was layered with a white dinner plate and topped with a glass amber salad plate.  Amber glassware adds another layer of gold.

In the second version, the plates are left bare.

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Crate of Abundance: Chalkboard Thanksgiving Centerpiece in a Wine Crate



Wine crates are a versatile and fun vessel to create a centerpiece in.  Free for the asking at your local liquor store and in various sizes, they present endless design possibilities. Perfect on a buffet table, they stand out due to the size and height of arrangements in them.   For this Thanksgiving centerpiece,  I painted a wine crate with chalkboard paint and inscribed it with messages suitable for the holiday (instructions here).  A fun twist on my design would  be to greet arriving guests with a festive drink in one hand and a piece of chalk in the other and invite them to inscribe their own words of thanks on the painted crate! Continue reading