Transitioning Summer Planters into Fall


Many summer planters are looking a little tired right about now.  I know mine sure are.  It is still too hot for many fall  annuals and there are slim pickings in the nurseries.  I don’t know about you, but I want to stretch summer a bit longer and am not quite ready to switch my entrance and patio décor to full blown fall. My solution?  Bring a little bit of fall to summer planters.

To freshen up my entrance’s potted hydrangeas, I pulled out tired trailing annuals and nestled in some mini white mums and some dried lotus seed pods.  It’s not even September and I’ve bought a few mums!  There is a hint of fall with the mums and dried pods but still a lot of summer in the green and white color scheme and the lingering hydrangeas. The curly willow branches compliment the dried lotus seed pods nicely.   I switched out my summer wreath for a monogrammed basket of green apples and mums.  To see how I made it, please click here.


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