Easter Centerpiece with Supermarket Flowers


“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.”  S. D. Gordon

Today I’m sharing an easy make-ahead Easter centerpiece that captures the magic of spring.  I will show you how ordinary pots of supermarket flowers are elevated in a beautiful arrangement that gives you a big bang for the buck.  I especially love how this arrangement captures the sense of emergence of new life into a new season.

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Flowering Indoor Planter Tutorial

After a brutal week of severe winter weather, loss of power for 4 days, and widespread devastation to trees from an ice storm, I just had to get my hands dirty and find an indoor gardening project to restore my sanity.  I headed to my local produce store to see what was available.  There were loads of potted bulbs and small filler plants to choose from and I decided a basket of flowering plants would brighten up the house as we continue to recover from winter’s wrath.


newspaper, pruners

basket or planter

selection of plants of  different heights and textures,  including some trailing plants, in no more than 2-3 colors, mine in purple, white and greens


pussy willow branches

Spanish moss

mini bird’s nest



I could not resist the intoxicating smell of potted hyacinths, harbingers of spring and the tallest plants in this arrangement. A cheerful primrose in white brought in another color.  Primroses hold a special place in my gardener’s heart as I first discovered them when my beloved mother-in-law, Louise, gave me some years ago.  A delicate fern, trailing varigated ivy and an unknown velvety plant with purple coloring completed my selections.

To start, and to be “green”, I lined the willow basket with the wrapping from the hyacinth.image

Starting with the largest plant and working to the smallest, I played around  with placement of the plants, left in their pots, until I was satisfied.


The difference between a nice arrangement and a WOW arrangement is the layering in of accents.  They are like the jewels of the arrangment. In came velvety pussy willow branches for height and texture; a mini bird’s nest for whimsy;  lacy Spanish moss to fill in gaps and provide another organic texture; and a gorgeous French wire ribbon to highlight the purples.


imageAhhhhhh!   Gardening is always therapeutic for me and I’m feeling like there’s a little bit of spring in the air so I can endure the rest of this terrible winter!  I hope to have inspired you to get your hands dirty with an indoor gardening project of your own!