Mosquito-Proofing Your Garden


My kids like to tease me about talking “to random people about random things”.  Guilty as charged! In my defense, I encounter interesting people and learn so much from these friendly chit chats.  Such was the case at my local Home Depot store this week.  I overheard a customer asking about lemon balm and be told there was none.  Lemon balm grows like a weed in my garden, the prolific offspring of a single clipping gifted to me years ago.  I thought I should warn this person about the invasive nature of this herb, hence the random engaging of this young man in conversation!  He explained to me that with the zika virus epidemic, he was working on a mosquito repelling garden for his pregnant wife and lemon balm was one of the plants recommended for warding off mosquitos.  No better reason to create a mosquito repelling garden!  I offered some of the lemon balm from my garden and we  went off on another tangent on how it is also a great culinary herb (recipe here).  This random conversation led me to ask myself “How hard would it be for the average home gardener to create a mosquito-repelling garden?” I am an organic gardener who does not use chemicals so I focused on a natural approach.  I searched the web for many ideas and set off to create a mosquito proof garden myself in less than a day.

Mosquito-Proofing Your Garden:

1- The single most important consideration in mosquito-proofing your outdoor space is to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs in the first place or having their larvae mature into adults.  Eliminate all potential breeding grounds:  remove any containers that hold water or turn them upside down when not in use.  image Continue reading