Canyon Ranch Spa Orange-Pecan Cookies-GF with Citrus-Mint Salad


Our beloved long time sitter, Lee Anne, brought a batch of these memorable cookies to us years ago.  They are completely gluten free and made with 5 simple ingredients:  chopped pecans, bold orange flavor coming from zest and orange extract, very little sugar and one egg white to bind the batter together. It is a healthy cookie that satisfies a sweet tooth without guilt.

Even though our children are long past the years of needing a sitter, Lee Anne has been on my mind as she has become a mother herself this year. On her first Mother’s Day, she paid me the biggest compliment:  that she had learned so much about raising children from my lessons and my kids.  She even made one of my cakes to celebrate with her mom.   Just in 6th grade when she came into our family, Lee Anne handled 3 rambunctious boys close in age like a pro with patience and love,  for 10 years.  She was my salvation from insanity more than once!  The very embodiment of “It takes a village”. My children’s second mother.    It has been so wonderful to see her become an accomplished professional woman and blossom as a mother herself. Which brings me back to these cookies.  I paired them with a bright citrus salad of sliced oranges with a dusting of mint sugar straight from the garden.   Such a fresh and easy dessert everyone loved.  This post is for you, Lee Anne, with much gratitude and love.   I can’t imagine motherhood will throw you any curveballs you can’t handle!

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