Autumn Fruit Salad


It’s happened again.  I throw together a fruit salad and someone begs me for the recipe.  Truth is I really just make fruit salads up from whatever is in season at the market.  That is the key:  seasonal produce.  In this salad, I started with a ripe, juicy pear, cored, peel on,  in the bottom of a pretty serving bowl.   On top of that went pieces of a sweet and juicy navel orange to keep the pear from browning. Then a surprise element:  3 ripe Italian prunes, pitted and sliced.  Crunchy black seedless grape halves and pomegranate seeds next.  Gorgeous plump blackberries and raspberries on top.   The magic happens with what comes next:  zest of a lime, splash of orange juice, splash of maple syrup and a chiffonade of  fresh mint leaves.  A quick toss and voilà!  Autumn fruit salad.  Dig in!

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