Frozen Praline Coffee Ice Cream Cake




When my friend Carol was entertaining her husband’s French relatives last year she knew exactly what dessert she would make for these sophisticated guests:  a praline mocha ice cream cake I had served to her years before.   The cake offers a masterful blending of everybody-loves-ice cream with the we’re all grown up coffee flavor and it is always a crowd pleaser.  Carol asked me, the worst recipe keeper,  for a copy of the recipe she had lost.  So began a frenzied search well into the wee hours of the morning for my copy.  You will want to add this cake to your summer entertaining repertoire.   It’s a chill-in-the-freezer easy peasy recipe that emerges as a sophiticated java-ice cream layered cake.  The best part?  It can be made ONE MONTH AHEAD of time!  That is NOT a typo!  This post is for you Carol! Continue reading