Loaded Lemon-Blueberry Banana Bread


“One berry, two berry, pick me a Blueberry !”
“Hatberry, Shoeberry in my Canoeberry;”
“Under the bridge and over the dam,”
“Looking for Berries – Berries for Jam !”

Bruce Degen

Are you like me and usually have some ripe bananas in the freezer?  Then you’re ready to whip together a summery version of a moist banana bread. With the addition of chia and flax seeds in the batter, it is a nutritious power house with a great crumb texture.  Not too sweet, the banana bread is studded with loads of blueberries and lemon zest giving it a summery twist. I wasn’t sure if mixing blueberries with the bananas would work but hey, I often throw both on my oatmeal and love them together for breakfast so why not? A totally delicious revelation. This is my new favorite banana bread and it comes together in just a few minutes.  Yum!

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