Frozen Banana Cherry Ice Cream


“We all scream for ice cream!”


When I first read about frozen banana ice cream on the Safari of the Mind  blog, I was skeptical.  Freeze banana slices from 3 ripe bananas overnight.  Purée in a blender and voilà:  ice cream!  Who knew? So easy and so darn good! Dairy free, rich and creamy, fat free with none of those icy bits that some healthier ice creams have in it.    Loretta made hers with fresh cherries and some peanut butter as add ins.    I followed her lead and tried the same combination but increased the quantity of cherries in mine.  Still low fat and delicious!  And such a pretty pink with no color additives!  This is certainly a recipe that is ripe for experimentation. The puréed bananas are good alone or are the blank canvas for your own creations.  image Continue reading