Squash! 16 Delicious Recipes


To say I like squash would be an understatement.  I love it and cook it any chance I get.  Butternut, acorn, kuri, I love them all.  There are so many ways to enjoy squash and this post will tempt you to try it stuffed, roasted in wedges, in stews, in pasta, in couscous, in cake, in a quiche, in a fall panzanella salad and even as a mini tureen for soup!  The first recipe is new and inspired by Julie at Hostess at Heart. It is a maple-bacon stuffed acorn squash,  oven roasted to golden perfection.  The maple syrup glazing on the cut surface transforms into a wonderful caramelized texture.  The salty-sweet combination is a winner.  Totally simple but irresistible as a main or as a side dish.  The rest of the recipes are from the archives.  Just click on the highlighted titles to be taken to the recipes.

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Fall Panzanella Salad


“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” Emily Brontë

For some time I have been wanting to make a fall panzanella salad.  A recent restaurant-made one sounded so good on the menu but was really disappointing with hard crouton-like bread and hardly any flavor.  So I experimented and settled on this final creation that was unbelievably delicious!  I made it on a crisp sunny fall day and we enjoyed it as a meal. Bursting with the many flavors of fall that I love:  brussel sprouts, squash, cranberries, sage, thyme, pomegranate and maple, the salad was as nourishing as it was gorgous.   Roasting the vegetables enhances their flavor and gives them nice browned edges with tasty crispy bits and a texture that holds up in the dressing.  The salty pancetta balances the sweetness of the cranberries and squash.  Pomegranate arils adds crunch and color.   I used a garlic-herb loaf of Italian bread for another layer of flavor.  The salad lends itself well to experimentation with your own favorite fall veggies and fruits.  The maple infused dressing is the final punctuation mark of autumnal flavors in this dynamic salad.  Full of antioxidant goodness, this is my new favorite fall dish!

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