Got Leftovers?

One of my favorite forms of cooking  is reinventing leftovers.  It is what Prince Charming, my wonderful husband, thinks is one of my biggest assests.  He looks in the fridge and thinks there’s nothing to eat.  I look in the fridge and see a whole meal I can create out of nothing.  Being quasi empty nesters, it seems we have a lot of leftovers these days as we learn to adapt to cooking for just the 2 of us.  Add to that a frequent  lack of motivation to shop for groceries without 3 hungry teens in the house to feed, the need to get creative with leftovers becomes a necessity!  Or you might say it is my love of creating “giblottes” that just kicks into high gear.  (Giblotte is a French-Canadian slang word for cooking with whatever you come across. ) Continue reading