Dark Chocolate~ Cherry Scones for the Final Season of Downton Abbey


“I know several couples who are perfectly happy.  Haven’t spoken in years.” Relationship advice from Dowager Countess of Grantham’s on Season 6, winner of The Gardian’s #17 Best Quote of the 2015 year in television.


After 5 captivating years of Downton drama, the final season is upon us this side of the pond.  It is a bittersweet night.  I am joined by millions of ardent fans in not wanting Downton Abbey to ever end.  The final season opens in the mid 1920s with rising hemlines, shorter bobbed and bejeweled tresses and ongoing Upstairs/Downstairs intrigue.  Who exactly is The Dowager Countess addressing above?  Is it cousin Isobel who turned Lord Merton’s marriage proposal down last season or Lady Mary who spurned Lord Gillingham after spending a week in sin with him last season and is now warming to Henry Talbot?  Or will she choose to be independent and stay single?  Lady Mary has requested tea be brought to her chambers so she can ponder her future.  There are changes ahead at Downton but some things remain quintessentially the same:  scones!  After making traditional cream currant scones for Season 4, and Lemon Ginger scones for Season 5, I whipped up a batch of very modern Dark Chocolate~Cherry scones.  This is after all a final season!  With Anna Bates charged with murder, who will deliver tea to Lady Mary:  Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Carson or nasty, scheming Thomas Barrow?  Stay tuned!

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