The Art of Adornment: Garden Containers


Container gardens integrate art and nature.  They show the human hand controlling nature’s will.   Containers provide a blank slate to bring in color, sculptural elements, reflective qualities and art in garden design and lend themselves well to being decorated.  They can bring panache to the understated garden. They are the gardener’s tool to sharpen a desired focal point and enliven and energize a garden without a lot of effort or long term commitment.  Container gardens can often offer that finishing touch in the garden’s design.  Restraint is in order so that the pots don’t become overdone or too cartoonish. I have photographed many of the planters in my own garden, included sources when available and added a some ideas captured on recent tours of local gardens.  I hope you will find many ideas to inspire you and have fun with your garden planters. Think beyond the pot!


A simple Eiffel tower adorns a window box and is a nod to the cultural heritage of the homeowner.  It is an attention getter that injects whimsy in this classic window planter.

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