Citrus and Fennel Cured Salmon


Cured salmon also known as gravlax is a silky smooth salmon cured in a mixture of salt, sugar and spices.  It is Nordic in origin and its preparation goes back to the Middle Ages.  In ancient times the salmon was fermented and salted then buried in sand, hence the name “grava” , to dig.  Essentially the salmon is coated in the brining  mixture then tightly wrapped in plastic film, placed under a weight and refrigerated for 2-3 days(if your fillet is thinner or not very fatty, reduce the curing time).  Salt draws the moisture out of the salmon’s flesh, changing its texture and taste.  The weight helps draw moisture out and infuse flavor into  the fish.  At the end of the curing period, rinse the salmon and slice thinly to enjoy.  The first time you try curing your own salmon, start with a classic mix of seasonings such as lemon and dill. Continue reading