Warm Peach-Burrata Salad with Limas and Corn


This. Was. Insanely. Good.  A quick  appetizer that was to die for, showcasing the stars of the end of summer harvest: peaches, corn and lima beans.


This recipe was the result of, and inspired by, a farmer’s market road sign announcing the “Limas are in!”.   Now lima beans and I are not really acquainted other than in frozen succotash, which I don’t care for. But stop at the market I did, for the sake of keeping an open mind.   I discovered they were not already shelled(Horror!  Who has time?) and left empty-handed.  But visions of limas and burrata were dancing in my head and the next day, I put-my-big-girl-lima-shelling-pants-on and went back to get me some limas. Continue reading