Cheesy Cornbread-Butternut Squash Madeleines with Fresh Sage


“The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread and fried chicken.” Maya Angelou

Last Thanksgiving I was tempted to make Cornbread Madeleines after I saw them on Food on Fifth.  They looked so good with the addition of grated squash and shaped into fun madeleines.    With a houseful of guests coming for the feast and a long hours of cooking ahead of me, I just couldn’t add another recipe to my busy day in the kitchen.  But I couldn’t stop thinking of Teresa’s polenta-pamesan-sage madeleines.  At the last minute I decided to doctor a Trader Joe Cornbread Mix with grated squash, corn and cheddar and bake them in a madeleine pan with a sage leaf.  Go figure:  they were the biggest hit of the celebration! When asked for the recipe I had to sheepishly confess:  they were from a mix doctored with all kinds of goodies. Secret ingredient?  Butternut squash!


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