Christmas Brunch Among the Wrappings


“Man cannot live on presents alone.” NYTimes

I love that quote!  After the last present has been opened, your loved ones will be famished.  Many of these brunch recipes can be made ahead, leaving you to savor the magic of the season too.  From sweet to savory, all of these recipes are delicious and sure to please your peeps as you break the fast together on Christmas morn.

Cranberry Orange Scones

Festive with a wonderful orange glaze.

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Wintry Mix: Citrus Avocado Salad


Wake up your taste buds! This invigorating salad will bring a burst of bright crisp flavors and some  brilliant colors in your winter repertoire.  Its sweet~tart grapefruit contrasts beautifully with the creamy butteryness of the avocado. The grapefruit gets a little advanced special treatment:  it is jazzed up with a sprinkle of cayenne, crushed rosemary and raw sugar, just enough to add a bit of spice and surprise for your winter taste buds.  Use whatever oranges are at peak.  I combined blood oranges and navels for gorgeous layering of colors and sizes. Can’t have grapefruit?  Substitute oranges.  The citrus is layered over salad greens.  I was excited to find a new-to-me red heirloom spinach that I introduced in this salad.  It is a very tender spinach grown from wild seed, originating in Europe.  It grows in clusters on tender stems in a striking puplish-red hue.  I found it more tender, smaller leaved and a bit earthier in taste than regular spinach.  To make this salad into a meal you could add some grilled shrimp or boneless chicken.  In the dead of winter, nothing perks up a palate better than a colorful salad.  Enjoy!

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