Summer Ceviche Appetizer


Ceviche is a seafood dish that is cured in citrus and served ice cold. It originated in Coastal Latin America and the Caribbean.  It is the perfect summer appetizer because it can be made a day ahead and requires no cooking. Choose mild flavored fish and cut it in similar sizes so it cures evenly.  I used a mixture of bay scallops, small shrimp and calamari rings.  Trader Joe’s sells 1 pound bags in the freezer section which are perfect for ceviche and don’t require cutting.  I cured mine in lime juice and a splash of orange muscat champagne vinegar.  After curing, some chopped tomato, a splash of orange juice and fresh cilantro is tossed in for an easy appetizer. I prefer my ceviche simple where the seafood  shines but sliced olives and cubed avocado can be added.  Serve with a cold Chilean Sauvignon Blanc or a crisp Rosé.

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