Blueberry-Basil Hand Pies


The chief recipe taster in my kitchen calls these fruit empanatas.  Also known as turnovers, hand pies are personal pies. Tidier to eat and serve, they are perfect for picnics and potlucks or to enjoy on the go.  With plump, sweet and juicy berries in season, hand pies showcase the bounty in a tasty little parcel of goodness.  Hiding inside my blueberry hand pies is a layer of lemon curd to add some zing to the berries.  I love contrasting sweet notes with earthy herbs and this filling features fresh basil.  You could substitute lemon balm or leave it out completely.  Just make sure to toss your filling together just before filling the pastry so the berries don’t have a chance to weep and make the pastry soggy.  The hand pies can be made in any shape desired and could be fancied up with a special cut out on the top such as a star or heart.  Mine are a classic half round shape with 3 vent slits.  Whatever you want to call them, just call these flaky mini pies delicious!

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