Honey~Chipotle Grilled Steak with Avocado Black Bean Salsa


It’s Cinco de Mayo and a beautiful night to eat under the stars.  Not being a seasoned cook of Mexican dishes, I turned to one of my trusted sources for enticing recipes, The Frugal Housefrau, who from the name of her blog you would not suspect her to be a master of Fiesta Cuisine. Trust me, she is!  This recipe is great with a cheaper cut of beef because it is tenderized with a marinade.  It is ideal with flank steak, top round or New York strip.  One large steak is grilled then sliced for the table.  Wih a double layering of flavors from first the marinade then a glaze, this steak packs a powerhouse of seasoning.  Ours was served with a Mexican rice with corn and cilantro and a salsa of black beans, tomatoes and avocado(recipe follows). Continue reading