Days of Wine and Roses: Throwing a Wine and Cheese Party


“They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream.”
– Ernest Dowson, 1867 – 1900

A wine and cheese party is one of the easiest and most popular parties you can throw.  There is something really appealing about a party where the focus is really on the conversation with guests casually hanging around the serving table.  The party can be put together quickly and suitable for even impromptu gatherings.   It can be given for a handful of intimate friends or expanded easily for a large group. You don’t need to be a wine or cheese connaisseur to enjoy giving this stress-free party.  Enlist the professionals at the store for ideal pairing suggestions.  Select cheeses that are a little more exotic than the usual offerings.  Like Brie?  Try a creamy St André or a decadent Lincet Délice de Bourgogne instead.  A good rule of thumb is to select 3 cheeses:  a soft, a hard and a blue.  Add interesting crackers, seasonal fruit, nuts and olives and you’ve got a party on a platter.  Introduce cured meats for heartier offerings.  Pair 3 wines, 2 reds and 1 white.  You can select a theme such as all French wines and cheeses or mix and match.  With the popularity of Farm to Table, consider finding artisanal cheeses produced locally paired with local wines.

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