Decadent Banana-Chocolate Bread Pudding


After 67 days of living in temporary housing, we have moved back home, albeit to an ongoing construction zone.   What’s a girl to do in all this chaos?  Bake a decadent banana-chocolate bread pudding of course, because amidst the chaos, there was a left over bread, some cream for coffee for the crew, eggs and overripe bananas.  Oh, and chocolate, always chocolate!  This is a bread pudding incorporating good-for-you ingredients:  fiber and nutrient rich bananas, nuts, molasses and dark chocolate.  The bananas are puréed as if you were making banana bread.  Then when it’s ready, you add another layer of fresh bananas.  Bliss!

Because it can be prepped overnight and then popped into the oven for less than half an hour, it will make a fantastic day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast.  Your overnight guests will wake up smelling it baking, then drool when they see it and then just simply devour it, while still warm.  With fresh bananas sliced on top and served with a dollop of yogurt, ice cream or whipped cream, it is comfort food at its easiest and best.   I would have made the bread pudding into individual portions in a muffin pan, if only I could have found it among the hundreds of boxes still unpacked!

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