Skinny Apple Cheesecake


“A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible”
Welsh Proverb

Is it not an oxymoron to call a cheesecake skinny? No! This low fat cheesecake was born from a windfall of apples and a lonely tub of cottage cheese in the fridge.  Calling it a “Cottage Cheese Apple Cheesecake” would surely have sent readers scurrying.  Yet making a cheesecake with cottage cheese totallly worked and reduced the fat content considerably. The texture of the cake was creamy and rich in spite of the absence of traditional cream cheese, much like that achieved with ricotta.  The sliced apples sautéed in brown sugar and butter made for a decadent  topping. The cake would be good also with a gingersnap crust for extra seasonal appeal.

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