Valentine’s Day Wreath: Key to my Heart

“There is only one happiness in life:  to love and be loved.” Georges Sand

This little Valentine’s welcome at the front entrance comes straight from the heart.  A heart wreath flanked by planters decorated with dangling red hearts is a charming and sweet welcome for February.

This year I recycled my winter white wreath and repurposed it into a Valentine’s wreath.  The winter wreath is comprised of a simple styrofoam form around which  I wound a white feather boa(JoAnn’s) and secured each end with straight pins stuck right into the styrofoam. Takes about 2 minutes to make!  The feather boa gives the illusion of fur which is why I love it for winter.  Visit this post to see the step by step tutorial of how I made it.  Wouldn’t it look fabulous in pink too?   For a fuller wreath, you could wind 2 feather boas around your wreath form.  I layered a beaded heart with a hanging loop on the back(JoAnn’s) in the center of the wreath and suspended both with a red organza ribbon tied into a bow.  Through the back hoop of the beaded heart, I suspended an antique key on a red string.  

Flanking the door, black urns were topped with red berry wreaths.  In the planters a combination of tall snow-flocked and silver branches(Michael’s) along with some red twig dogwood branches add some wintery interest.  A pair of silvery birds nestle in the branches of each planter. If you are a hopeless romantic,  you could consider these lovebirds. 😉 They tie in to a cardinal welcome rug.  Small red glass hearts are hung on the branches with florist wire to complete the Valentine’s entrance.

“One who knows distances out to the outermost star is astonished when he discovers the magnificent space in your hearts.” From Rainier Maria Rilke’ Antistrophes

“Cherish”, 2019, oil/cold wax/gold leaf with a gold heart and pearl, that I painted for a special couple’s wedding.

“Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As we experience one of the coldest days in history, I hope this post has warmed your heart.