Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas

“Gratitute unlocks the fullness of life.”  Melody Beattie

Thanksgiving tables are fun to set with all the rich colors of fall and the theme of abundance.  Every year my tables vary with how many people I am hosting.  In this post, I’ll share several ideas for setting your holiday table.

This year I’ve played around with white and gold as a color theme, simply elegant.  Off-white woven placemats were set on a bare table with an off-white and gold runner, repurposed from Christmas.  A beautiful pashmina scarf or a length of fabric you love can stand in as a runner.  I came up with 2 variations of this basic table setting.  In both, I tied a gold organza ribbon around off-white napkins embroidered with gold Fleur-de-Lys.  The Fleur-de-Lys are a nod to my family’s French ancestry.  I added a gold leaf ornaments with a tiny gold acorn on each.  The ornaments can be given to the guests as a favor.   A gold charger was layered with a white dinner plate and topped with a glass amber salad plate.  Amber glassware adds another layer of gold.

In the second version, the plates are left bare.

One centerpiece is a modern, non perishable vignette, which can be set out well in advance of the big day.  In a small gold and white ceramic vase, I placed a sheaf of wheat and surrounded it with some small gilded berries and moss.  I set the vase on a mirrored tray and elevated it on top of a beaded gratitude journal.  A brass spiky sphere adds more gold color and interest.  The gold and mother-of-pearl opera glasses are a nod to the German ancentry in our family, having belonged to a great-great grandmother on my husband’s side.  The flatware is my Godmother’s silver.  I really loved weaving family history in this table setting.  Think of your own family history and compose a meaningful centerpiece reflecting your ancestry.

The centerpiece is flanked by 2 gold hurricanes with bead detailing and several white votive candles. I quite liked this simple centerpiece.

The other version featured a more traditional arrangement with fall flowers in a white soup tureen. I created it with supermarket flowers, some dried seed pods, flowers and foliage from the garden,  as well as feather clusters.

In this version, I left the guilded pears on the amber salad plates.

In this version, I removed the gilded pears from the plates and tucked them into the centerpiece.

The white and gold theme is an easy canvas to decorate around.  My favorite was the one with the modern wheat arrangement and the unadorned salad plates.

From the archives, I’ve compiled inspiring Thanksgiving/fall table ideas from years past.  Click on the highlighted title to be taken to the post to read more about each table setting.

Thanksgiving Table with Golds and Reds

Thanksgiving Table of Abundance

Alfresco Fall Table

Candlelight Apple Centerpiece

You can read a step by step tutorial on creating a Thanksgiving flower centerpiece here.

If you’d like to try your hand at designing a Beidermeier-style centerpiece on a cake platter with fall flowers, visit this post.  They are so much fun to do and get a lot of oohs and aahs!

I hope I’ve inspired you to create a lovely Thanksgiving table of your own.  Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

           “Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true  measure of our Thanksgiving.”

W. T. Purkiser