Keukenhof Gardens

Are you dreaming of spring?   Let me take you on an escape to the most beautiful spring garden in the world: Keukenhof.  I had long dreamed of seeing the famous Keukenhof gardens in Holland which seemed to have seas of flowering bulbs.  A few years ago I did make the dream come true and Keukenhof was truly an unforgettable experience.  It is still one of my favorite trips.  The garden was designed in 1857 as an ornamental garden for Castle Keukenhof.  It has been open to the public since 1950 and features more than 7 milion bulbs in bloom with more than 800 varieties of tulips to dazzle one’s imagination.  The garden is set in 32 expansive hectares in beautiful established woods with 15 kilometers of foot paths meandering throughout.  Large swaths of flowering bulbs enchant in gorgeous woodland vistas with centuries old beeches. In 2018 the show is open from March 22nd to May 13th and this year’s theme is “Romance in Flowers.”  Keukenhof is an easy 45 minute commute on public transit from Amsterdam.  On the short journey, you will pass by the bulb farms with field upon field of tulips planted in large swaths of one color.  That sight alone is worth the trip.  Join me for a visit to Keukenhof!

On the way to Keukenhof from Amsterdam, you will travel by the bulb growing farms with fields of colorful tulips grown in huge carpets of bright color.  The second day we returned to the gardens, they were plowing down all the flowers as these farms were  bulb farms and  the flowers were cut off to conserve the bulb’s energy!

To give you an idea of the expanse of the Keukenhof rivers of bulbs, yours truly is posing in one small garden section.

The grounds of Keukenhof boast several water ways with the embanquements bursting with colorful plantings.  Doesn’t this take your breath away?Keukenhof also has some display gardens and exhibiition areas ,indoors and out. Spring trees in bloom also abound. It is the displays  of flowering bulbs planted in natural settings that attracted me to Keukenhof.  The grounds are in an arboretum setting which gives the gardens a naturalistic appeal.


For additional information, please visit the official Keukenhof site HERE.

For additonal reading on the history of Keukenhof on Wikipedia please click here.

Photo credits to my friend Pam with whom I love traipsing through gardens.

17 thoughts on “Keukenhof Gardens

  1. Wonderful post Johanne. Wouter and I have made this trip a few times and just love it. The “postcard” beauty is just overwhelming isn’t it? The Netherlands folks are very proud of their floral displays and each garden surpasses my dreams. Thanks for making a very cold day brighter. T

    • Lucky you to have been able to return to Keukenhof more than once Teresa! It is truly a magical place and until one experiences, you think those post card perfect pictures just can’t be real. But they really are spectacular gardens just like in those photos. You can’t take a bad picture at Keukenhof! I read that the Dutch themselves make up a small percentage of visitors. Tourists who travel to Holland specifically to see Keukenhof, like me, make up the bulk. Have you been to the Kröller-Muller museum? It is my second most favorite place in Holland. So special as well and all those Van Goghs-stunning!

      Johanne Lamarche


    • My friend and I were in total shock to see those gorgeous tulip fields being plowed down! We had done an organized tour from our hotel in Amsterdam to Keukenhof and admired the fields of flowers. We did not feel we had had enough time in the gardens, so we figured out public transit and went back for a second day at Keukenhof and discovered that gentleman just plowing all that beauty down!!! So glad we got to see the first day farms in their glory. Sure hope you can make it to Keukenhof someday Jenna. The pictures don’t do it justice and it truly is a special place.

      Johanne Lamarche


  2. Oh Johanne, You made my day! It’s been years since as a teenager I bicycled over there with friends and picnicked in those beautiful gardens among the tulips. We had just taken difficult exams and it was the best way to unwind! Thank you for great pictures and sweet memories…

    • Not even close Alycia! The older I get the more I like visiting gardens rather than gardening itself.😱i specialize in weeds. LOL. Keukenhof is such a magnificent place. Good to hear from you.

      Sent from my iPhone


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