Easter Centerpiece with Supermarket Flowers

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.”  S. D. Gordon

Today I’m sharing an easy make-ahead Easter centerpiece that captures the magic of spring.  I will show you how ordinary pots of supermarket flowers are elevated in a beautiful arrangement that gives you a big bang for the buck.  I especially love how this arrangement captures the sense of emergence of new life into a new season.

All the plants chosen are in pots which will extend the duration of the composition. The daffodils and hyacinths with their lush foliage and unopened flowers lend a sense of anticipation to the arrangement with the promise of spring.  Whimsy, color and the Easter theme is brought in with the pastel eggs nestled around the plants and a beloved gardening bunny figurine in the center. The potted begonias add immediate color and will continue to flower for many weeks.  Simply deadhead when needed.

Branches of pussy willow and curly willow add height and dimension to the arrangement.

This arrangement was easy and quick to create. Here’s how:

I lined a large footed container with plastic and scrunched newspaper in the bottom so the height of the plants would be level with the edge of the container.  I then played around with the plants until I liked the arrangement:  tall daffodils in the middle flanked by 2 pots of purple hyacinths and a pot of begonias in front of the daffodils.  In the soil of the daffodils I secured the trio of pussy willow branches and the curved branch of willow.  I then scattered Easter eggs all over the top to conceal the soil and newspaper and bring in some color and texture. The eggs were heaped high above the top of the container bringing a feeling of fun and exuberance. The finishing touch was the carved wooden bunny in the center and the plaid organza ribbon in complementary pastel shades tied around the container.  The arrangement rests  on a colorful runner with more iconic Easter imagery.  I can easily water the plants by directing the water around the Easter eggs.

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”  Doug Larson

Happy Spring!

4 thoughts on “Easter Centerpiece with Supermarket Flowers

  1. jOHANNE, Great idea, you inspired me to use all these Easter things waiting to come out of the closet! with spring pots. I always get pussy willows for Easter.
    Many thanks, Trudy

    • Hi Trudy! So happy this inspired you to create an arrangement incorporating some of your Easter decor things too. It’s a fun way to make a splash and not spread the nick nacks all over!

      Johanne Lamarche


  2. So pretty Johanne, I can’t seem to get enough of spring abundance right now, so many tempting flowers and plants for sale even in the grocery! I love the eggs and bunny nesting in and about your container garden and the various stages of blooms, just beautiful!

    • Thanks Jenna! Spring fever has got both of us craving flowers everywhere! You have been insipiring me to get creative in my home. I had not yet unpacked the Easter decorations from our move and much to my chagrin, several of our favorites were broken. Oh well, making lemonade! Enjoy your Sunday.

      Johanne Lamarche


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