Christmas Brunch Among the Wrappings


“Man cannot live on presents alone.” NYTimes

I love that quote!  After the last present has been opened, your loved ones will be famished.  Many of these brunch recipes can be made ahead, leaving you to savor the magic of the season too.  From sweet to savory, all of these recipes are delicious and sure to please your peeps as you break the fast together on Christmas morn.

Cranberry Orange Scones

Festive with a wonderful orange glaze.

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Sheet Pan ‘Green Eggs and Ham’


“You do not like them so you say.  Try them! Try them! and YOU MAY!”  Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham

Have you ever wondered what Dr. Seuss had in mind when he penned his famous children’s book?  I’m afraid I always envisioned some unappealing eggs dyed Grinch green.    No longer!   Prince Charming made me a delicious surprise breakfast of oven-baked eggs nestled in a bed of kale with bits of salty ham sprinkled all over it and announced excitedly it was Green Eggs and Ham.  The recipe was clipped from a recent Costco magazine via the cookbook “Sheet Pan Suppers” by Molly Gilbert.  I don’t think healthy kale was at all popular in Dr. Seuss’ day, but I know he would do a happy dance eating this tasty creation inspired by his book.  The original recipe called for 8 to 12 eggs to feed 4 to 6 but we scaled it down to 4 eggs for two of us.  It also called for a ham steak.  We used leaner Canadian back bacon which is really ham.  The back bacon is already cooked allowing a reduction of the overall cooking time.  The beauty of this dish is that it is prepared on a sheet pan for ease of cooking and cleaning up, a great way to start any day. Easily adaptable for the number of people you are serving.  Feel free to recite Dr. Seuss’s beloved classic while you cook! img_1110 Continue reading

Candy Cane Poinsettia Centerpiece-DIY


Did you know December 12th is National Poinsettia Day in the US?  To celebrate, I’ve got a tutorial for creating a fun candy cane covered vase for a small poinsettia.  The poinsettia is a member of the spurge family and is indigenous to Mexico.  Its English name originated from the first US minister to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett, who introduced the plant to the US in 1825.  In Mexico the plant is called Flor de Noche Buena or Christmas Eve Flower, which is such a pretty name.  The Aztecs used the plant to produce red dye and as an anti pyretic.  Today, the plant is mostly ornamental and beloved around the world.  Did you know that the flowers of the poinsettia are really small and grouped in the yellowish center of the colored bracts?  That’s right.  The bright red “flowers” of the classic poinsettia are actually its leaves.  The bracts can also be pink, cream, orange, pale green or marbled.  Now let’s get to this fun project!

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Christmas Evergreen Front Door Swag


This year our front entrance is showing some swagger for the holidays.  Instead of a wreath, I made a large swag with evergreens cut from around my garden then adorned it with ribbons, pine cones, pheasant feathers, ornaments in gold and burgundy and even some jingle bells.  I love the scent of fresh greens to greet one and all at the holidays.  Take a look at how it came together.

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A Handmade Christmas


There is something about the holidays that brings out the creativity in me.  I enjoy making gifts for loved ones.  It slows the holiday frenzy down and I can savor time at home instead of rushing around. It’s fun to gather a group of friends to create together over a glass of warm cider, hot chocolate or wine.   Most of these ideas from the archives can come together in very little time and are easy on the budget.  Click on the highlighted link to get the instructions.   I hope you will find a spark of inspiration to create handmade gifts for everyone on your list.   Priceless.

Hot Chocolate On a Stick

The best hot chocolate ever and so adorable to wrap!

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