Ancient Grain Avocado Breakfast Bowl


The day has finally arrived and we are moving out of our home of 20 years to take up residence in temporary housing.  If it doesn’t sound exciting or romantic, it is because it is not.  A few months back, we had a dishwasher back up and cause havroc in our kitchen and lower level.  Restoration work to replace 2,000 square feet of hardwood flooring and repair damage will begin shortly and much of our kitchen will be removed while all our possessions will be packed up into storage.  Don’t even get me started on the logistics of anticiapting what we’ll need for the next month or two before it’s all taken away!

The final meal before the move,  I will call “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” breakfast bowl.  Don’t let that title fool you. It was delicious, even if the avocado was over ripe!  I’ve been seeing bloggers post “bowls” of every kind and I have never thought of posting one although I’ve been making them all my life.  I guess it is now ” trendy” to make these bowls.  Where I grew up, we called kitchen-sink cooking, “giblottes”.  That is one of my favorite words in the whole world to say as it rolls off the tongue just like the food creations classified as giblotte.  I know you’ve made a giblotte or two yourself over time.  Thow-it-all-together-in-a-single-bowl-kinda-of-cookin’!  Never 2 the same.  Always tasty and adventurous.  This one emptied the fridge and nourished us for the long day ahead.  Even with the movers crawling around the house, I still managed a photo for the blog!  Now, all our bags and packed and we’re ready to go!

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