Goat Cheese Stuffed Hisbiscus Flowers

My friend Anca is the finest of hostesses.  When she received our Italian conversation group, one of the appetizers she served elicited a lot of intrigue and delight.  It was a small little amuse-gueule, with a star-like shape which held a tiny ball of goat cheese.   Anca revealed it was a hibiscus flower imported from Australia, (available on Amazon),  sold in a simple syrup.  I promptly ordered a jar and served them on a cheese platter at a dinner I hosted. No one could guess what they were but we had fun trying!image

Because the hibiscus flowers are packed thightly, I found it was best to turn them upside down on a paper towel to “open” the flowers and drain off the syrup, before stuffing them.  I used less than half a teaspoon of herbed chèvre rolled in my hand to form a ball of the right size to stuff each flower.  A single chive across the top finished this easy appetizer sure to be a conversation starter at your next party!

image image image

The flowers fancy up a champagne cocktail in the most beautiful way.  Simply drop a bloom in the bottom of the glass along with a tablespoon of the syrup they are sold in, and top with champagne.  A very pretty pale pink cocktail that is also delicious.   Cheers!


14 thoughts on “Goat Cheese Stuffed Hisbiscus Flowers

  1. Wow Johanne! How beautifully elegant this looks, almost too good to eat. What a great idea serving it with champagne too. I’ll say your friend really kept her guests on their toes, guessing games are always fun around a dinner table. Nicely presented. Enjoy your weekend. I think the humidity starts again tomorrow, but we’ve had a nice break the past few days eh?

    • This week has been fabulous weather wise. Not looking forward to the humidity spike. I almost didn’t post this but glad you like it. Did not retrieve champagne pic but it was such a pretty cocktail and a conversation starter to guess what was on the bottom! Enjoy your weekend, Loretta!

      Johanne Lamarche


  2. Wow these are beautiful! I keep intending to try making some Hibiscus flower Ice Cream or Sorbet and you have inspired me to give it a try this weekend. I keep seeing jars of these lovely flowers at my local international market so a big thanks for sharing and your tips on removing and draining as well.

    • How lucky you can find these locally Teresa! They are so much fun to use. The syrup would be fantastic in a sherbert or ice cream. I am predicting a future post from you in a pretty shade of pink! It is also amazing how many flowers come out of that little jar! Enjoy experimenting with them.

      Johanne Lamarche


    • Their texture is a bit chewy, somewhat like fruit leather. They are best just popped in the mouth. They are sweet but otherwise not really of distinctive flavor. I think the syrup can be used in so many ways to flavor ice cream or whipped cream adding a pretty pale pink color. They sure got everyone talking and guessing. Everyone was game to eat them. No one was able to guess what they were the 4 times I was at a dinner featuring them! The jar comes with a tag that gives other recipe ideas.

      Johanne Lamarche


  3. This is one beautiful dish Johanne and it sounds absolutely delicious. I’ve never eaten or thought to eat a dish using hibiscus flower. I’d just love to be one of your brain cells when it comes to saying hey, let’s make this! So creative!

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