Frozen Banana Cherry Ice Cream

“We all scream for ice cream!”


When I first read about frozen banana ice cream on the Safari of the Mind  blog, I was skeptical.  Freeze banana slices from 3 ripe bananas overnight.  Purée in a blender and voilà:  ice cream!  Who knew? So easy and so darn good! Dairy free, rich and creamy, fat free with none of those icy bits that some healthier ice creams have in it.    Loretta made hers with fresh cherries and some peanut butter as add ins.    I followed her lead and tried the same combination but increased the quantity of cherries in mine.  Still low fat and delicious!  And such a pretty pink with no color additives!  This is certainly a recipe that is ripe for experimentation. The puréed bananas are good alone or are the blank canvas for your own creations.  image

Here’s the scoop:  I found it is easier to cream the frozen banana slices in a food processor than a blender, even a powerful Ninja one.  No matter what you use, you will need to scrape down the sides of the bowl several times as you work to get the creamy consistency of ice cream out of the bananas.  That is the secret to success.  The bananas at first will look crumbly.  Keep whizzing them and their consistency will become creamy as air is incorporated into the mash.  At this point, add in your other flavors.  In my case I used 3 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1 cup of pitted cherry halves.  Whirl until combined.  Place in a container and freeze until solid, about an hour.  Serve as you would any other ice cream.

3 bananas, sliced and frozen + 3 T peanut butter + 1 cup cherries = about 2 cups of guilt-free yet decadent ice cream!

image image



What’s your favorite ice cream?


19 thoughts on “Frozen Banana Cherry Ice Cream

  1. Oh my, what a new treat to temp family. Love your photos. You just don’t run dry on ideas.

    Sent from my iPad


    • It is an amazing substitute for the real deal with no guilt! Thanks for being such an ardent fan Dona! The scoop picture took some work with my trusty assistant who got rewarded with some of it and said:”Wow I don’t ever need to eat ice cream again this is so good.”. And he doesn’t even like cherries!!!!!

      Johanne Lamarche


  2. Yum!, can’t wait to try this. I am lactose intolerant and I know I will love this. There is no end to your creativity!

    • I have heard from many readers who are lactose intolerant who are excited to try this recipe! From the banana base, you can make it into any flavor really. I can’t wait to hear what you think and how you tweak it to your taste Mary Ann. Good to hear from you!

      Johanne Lamarche


  3. I’ll have to try this. Thank you for the recipe! I don’t do dairy -but miss it-and am always looking for alternatives. Great photos, as always! Compliments to you and your assistant.

    • I will pass your compliments on to my assistant Liz! Thank you. You can do so much with the banana base of this recipe. Let me know how you like it. I was pleasantly surprised and so was my assistant🍒🍦

      Johanne Lamarche


  4. Oh beautiful Johanne, love the color and your write up about this amazing creation. Yes, indeed those who are lactose intolerant will definitely appreciate this. I can see myself making it again and again and trying different fruit each time. We just returned from visiting a friend in the hospital, it was such a nice night, Bert and I sat out on the porch till late with some grilled peaches served with that same ice cream. What a gorgeous summer night and summer treat! Oh by the way, I don’t believe the link works, that’s fine with me, but just wanted you to be aware of it, and thank you so much for the shout out!

    • Hi Loretta! I just came inside myself. It was a perfect early summer night. The breeze was lovely and brought the scent of the honeysuckle wafting to make it even more enjoyable. I am glad your and Bert were enjoying more of your delicious creation! I am sorry the link was not working. I deleted it and reactivated it. Thanks again for sharing this awesome concoction!

      Johanne Lamarche


  5. I’m so happy to have this ice cream recipe…I don’t have an ice cream machine and none is needed here. Perfect way to end a summer meal.

  6. I think I lost my comment so forgive if this comes up twice~ This lovely recipe caught my eye, too, and I was so inspired I actually went out and bought a cherry pitter, lol! I know I can just do those few cherries by hand easily enough but it’s always fun to have a new gadget. Who knows what happened to my old one, which was probably an antique by now!! 🙂

    • Lindy Mefchefsky just posted the plain banana today. We are all catching up to this trend but it is so good! I am making your lemon meringue cake when my niece visits in a few weeks! I don’t know why but I don’t get your recipes in my in box in spite of being a follower. I don’t go on the reader so I miss quite a few.😪

      Johanne Lamarche


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